Add a PIN to your WhatsApp account to stop hackers and fraudsters being able to take it over and lock you out!

One of the reasons that WhatsApp has been so successful and that it grew so quickly (leading to it being bought by Facebook for US$19 billion in 2014) is that it’s so incredibly easy to setup. I myself was amazed and impressed at how frictionless they’d made the process, when…


Tips to keep your small or freelancer business running smoothly whilst you’re on holiday!

This is part 2 of a 2-part mini series around the subject of taking time off and achieving the perfect balance between work and family life.

If you’re a freelancer or you run your own business, it can sometimes feel like there’s never a good time to go on holiday…

Paul Freeman-Powell

Award-winning tech, web & video creator. I run & host I’m @paulfp on Twitter & Instagram.

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